We are 14 volunteers from all around Europe divided into smaller groups working in schools around Sighisoara.
We are here thanks to an organization named Wild Carpathia, based in Arad and supported by Erasmus+.
Erasmus+ is an initiative supported by the EU to develop skills and connect youth work with education
and training. Erasmus+ supports youngsters to work abroad, meet new cultures, learn new languages and meet
friends for life.
The project is named “HEAL”, and it is connected to healthy lifestyle, well-being and taking care of ourselves.
Specifically, we are going to talk about:
– Medical Gymnastics , like postural therapy, sitting posture, exercises for legs, neck, back: all useful to improve our body posture and our muscular system.
– Nutrition, healthy food, healthy drink: how much and what toeat/drink every day.
– Movement, necessary for good health. We are going to organize many outdoor activities, sports and games with local children and youngsters to show them what they can do in their hometown.
– Other good life habits , like the best way to breath and sleep.
– Connection between diseases and emotions (nervous system).
In order to share our aim, our message of well-being, we are going to organize public events, workshops
and games for people with different interests to at tend our activities.
You’re all welcome. We are waiting for you.
10409531_10205031379974880_6050314555518212198_n                     10708645_10205031374454742_5818119385525106969_o
“Acest material reflecta numai punctul de vedere al autorului iar ANPCDEFP si Comisia Europeana nu sunt responsabile pentru nici o utilizare care poata fi data informatiilor prezentate.”

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